2024-002 Resolution Repealing City Fees

2024-001 Resolution Execute Contract with Waller County Elections

2023-008 Resolution to Release Specific Land From the City’s ETJ

2023-007 Resolution Canvass Election Returns November 7 2023, Special Election

2023-006 Resolution Grant Administrator ARP Act

2023-005 Resolution Grant Administrator- HMA Programs

2023-004 Resolution Canvass May 6, 2023 General Election

2023-003 Resolution Authorizing the Submission of 2023-2024 TXCDBG

2023-002 Resolution Authorizing Signatories TXCDBG 23-24

2023-001 Resolution Execute Contract Waller County Elections

2022-013 Declaring November 8, 2022, Special Election


2022-011 Resolution Texas Smart Buy Membership

2022-010 Resolution Award Professional Services 2023-2024 TXCDBG Grant

2022-009 Resolution Award Service Provider 2023-2024 TXCDBG Grant

2022-008 HMA Local Matching Funds

2022-007 HMA Local Matching Funds

2022-006 HMA Grant Appointing Mayor As Authorized Representative

2022-005 Resolution Declaring May 7, 2022 City General Election

2022-004 Resolution Regarding Civil Rights

2022-003 Resolution Authorizing Signatories TXCDBG

2022-002 Resolution Award Service Provider HMA Grant

2022-001 Resolution Execute Contract Waller County Elections

#2021-008 Authorizing Mayor to work with the City of Brookshire on the Extraterritorial Boundaries (ETJ) of the two cities.

#2021-007 Sales Tax Allotment

#2021-006 HMA Grant Management

#2021-005 Amended CDBG Grant

#2021-004 Resolution Authorizing to Execute Contract for May 1 2021 Elections

#2021-003 Resolution Authorizing Award of Professional Services to Jones and Carter

2021-002 Resolution Adopting a Public Funds Investment Policy

#2021-001 Resolution Authorizing Service Agreement with Clean Earth

#2020-011 Resolution Authorizing the Award of Professional Service Provider Contract to Grantworks, Inc. for the 2021-2022 Texas Community Development Block Grant Community Development Fund.

#2020-010 Resolution Adopting a Schedule of Fees, for the Application, Permit and Inspection for the Construction of Cell Towers.

#2020-009 Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Execute an Agreement with the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) for a grant project to hold a tire, household hazardous waste and E-scrap collection event for South Waller County residents

#2020-008 Resolution Replacing City of Pattison’s Emergency Management Plan with the Revised Waller County Emergency Management Plan

# 2020-007 Resolution Authorizing Signature Authority to Execute Contracts through H-GAC Energy Purchasing Corp.

# 2020-006 Resolution Authorizing the Submission of H-GAC Solid Waste Grant Applications

# 2020-005 Resolution Supporting the 2020 Census

#2020-004 Resolution Cancelling the May 2, 2020 Election

#2020-003 Resolution Authorizing the Participation in H-GAC Energy Purchasing Corp.

#2020-02 Resolution Authorizing the Disposal of Surplus Property

#2020-01 Resolution Adopting a Public Funds Investment Policy

#2019-11 Resolution Authorizing Mayor to Complete and Execute an Authorization Form for Morgan Stanley

#2019-10 Resolution for Interlocal Contract for Cooperative Purchasing with HGACBuy

#2019-09 Resolution Designating a Representative and Alternate to the Houston-Galveston Area Council 2020 General Assembly

#2019-08 Resolution Establishing a Policy for Temporary Custodians Handling of Public Information on Privately Owned Devices Pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act

#2019-07 Resolution Supporting National Night Out in the City of Pattison on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

#2019 -06 Resolution Designating The Katy Times as the Official Newspaper for the City of Pattison

#2019-05 Resolution Finding That Centerpoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC’s Requested Increase To Its Electric Transmission And Distribution Rates And Charges Within The City Should Be Denied

# 2019-04 Resolution for Schedule of Fees for Building Permits and Inspection Fees

# 2019-02 Resolution Fee Schedule for Manufactured Homes

# 2019-01 Resolution joining Gulf Coast Coalition of Cities 2019

Resolution Public Funds Investment 2019

H-GAC Resolution Hazard Mitigation 2018

Resolution adopting fees for permitting signs 2018-04

Resolution Inspection culverts & Driveways 2018-03

Resolution Waller Harris ESD 2018

Resolution Public Funds 1-24-2018

Resolution 11-2009

Resolution 2006-005

Resolution 05 2007

Resolution 5-9 2006

Resolution 10-9-2012

Resolution 2005-003

Resolution 2012-1

Resolution 2016 1

Resolution Sales Tax 1978

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