Pattison is located at Farm Roads 1458 and 359, some thirty-five miles west of Houston in the southern part of Waller County.  This small community was named after a gentleman named, James Tarrant Pattison, who in 1839 built his plantation on a hill.  The community was established in 1877, when the Pattison family granted the Texas Western Narrow Gauge Railroad a path through their property and donated additional land for a townsite. The railroad continued to ship mostly cotton to Houston, thus making the community of Pattison flourish. In 1883, there was a population of 250 citizens which made it the second largest community in Waller County during that time. Finally, in 1899, the railroad closed its operation. Due to the 1900 Galveston Hurricane, by 1925 the population in Pattison had decreased to only about 100 citizens. Electricity first came to Pattison in 1930, when a local citizen ran a line to his cotton gin. By 1934 the community established its’ first high school. Pattison’s population continued to increase and on November 16th, 1972 the town of Pattison was officially incorporated. Today the population of Pattison is about 500 and steadily continues to grow each year.

City of Pattison Council 1972-2022

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