Open Records Request

According to Texas state law, Government Code Chapter 552 the City of Pattison, Texas operates as an open government and information and records are subject to the Open Records Act.  The purpose of the Open Records Act is to maintain the people’s control over the instruments they have created.  The Act requires the Office of the Attorney General to construe the Act liberally in favor of open government. 

External Request Procedure
All information requests by the public for official documents from the City of Pattison should be directed through the City Secretary’s office.  We make every effort to supply this information as quickly as possible.  If the information cannot be produced for inspection or duplication within 10 business days after the request is made, the City of Pattison will certify in writing a reasonable time in which the information will be made available. 

Production of Records
Records are normally available in paper form.  The requestor will be notified when the records are available so he/she can arrange to pick up the records.  Records that are available electronically will be sent by this method when requested and if an email address has been provided.

Records can be sent by mail, provided the requestor prepays all charges, including postage and handling. 

Information Denied
Under the Open Records Act and Public Information Act there are a number of exceptions to the requirement that the public be granted access to any information by a government body.  Please contact the City Secretary’s office for more information at (281) 934-3715.

Open Records Information Request Form (complete form, save and print or email)


For additional information about making open records requests, please visit the Texas Attorney General website.

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